Car Tuning

Skyline custom turbo system 520 whp

At Turbo Lab we offer services for all car “tuner” aspects inside and out. This page however will focus more specifically on Engine Tuning.  Engine Tuning is the process by which modifications are made via stand-alone engine management system (or ems which replaces your vehicle’s ecu) resulting in increased performance, horsepower, reliability, and/or fuel economy….

…But! First things first, if your car is not mechanically sound; car tuning may not solve your problems. Often customers assume if their high performance vehicle is not running correctly, there must be something wrong with their tune. Not so! Make sure you are up on all of your current maintenance items (we can do this for you) before you proceed with tuning.

There are many tuning software options and we work with most programs. At Turbo Lab our #1 recommendation for tuning software is AEM. We feel it offers the most in depth program for a complete tuning experience. Although we prefer and recommend AEM engine management system, we are very experienced in most other engine management programs such as HP Tuner, Predator, Hondata, Diablo, HKS, Apexi, and more. We also work with Power FC’s, Access Ports, Reflashing, Chips etc.


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This part is important too:
Our professional, AEM certified, and very experienced engine tuner is here to get you the most performance and reliability out of your vehicle. Please, Please Don’t waste your money with “discount tuners” who can’t back up their work!!! At Turbo Lab We have over a decade of car tuning experience and our knowledge and experience will ultimately save you time, money, and headache.