Joe Sim – Owner

Joe was raised in Burbank California by his single mom. Since money was tight, when their only car broke, he was the one to fix it. When he was 15 he inherited his Grandfather’s Karmann Ghia and his passion for auto performance was born. In the early 90’s Joe spent his time in the LA tuner scene and by the late 90’s moved to the valley being one of very few tuners.

Having worked for Whitaker Controls in North Hollywood testing electronic devices for aircraft, head of production and research & development at Squires Turbo Systems, Contracted to build prototype turbo systems for experimental aircraft, contracted as the production engineer for an automotive hybrid company and countless turbo system projects, performance engine builds and tuning under his belt, Joe has well-rounded experience in all areas of mechanics with the knowledge and creativity for today’s automotive industry.

Recent involvement with OEM manufacturers has expanded Joe’s capacity in manufacturing processes which has provided Turbo Lab the opportunity to offer solutions for difficult production schedules and innovative product design. Love him or hate him Joe Sim’s passion for automotive performance is undeniable and drives him to create and produce the best for his customers every time.


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